Swiffer products specialize in cleaning to give life a meaningful standing, and it’s a brand that is famous for its effectiveness in cleaning solutions and products. The company has designed a number of cleaning tools and products that gives users quality and value for their money. It’s range of products include; Wet Jet, Sweeper, Steam-boosts, Dusters Extenders, Sweep & Trap, Sweeper X-Large, Sweeper Vac, Dusters, and Refills.

It also has unique detergents and sprays applicable for professional cleaning; its products are tailor made to suit both domestic and commercial cleaning solutions. Swiffer products are in use in many homes, commercial premises, industrial outfits, and sites. Scroll to the bottom of the article for Swiffer coupons.

How does it work:

swiffer1The primary Swiffer product is the Wet-Jet or Sweeper, it works in a vacuum cleaner’s style when applied to the surface that needs cleaning. The Sweep & Trap is the company’s flagship product, and it uses the mechanism of sweep and trap making the surface clean. It is used to brush all floor surfaces, carpets and any surface that needs cleaning, and it then catches small and large particles in the process. It’s rotating blades trap the particles then flicks to a bin attached to its base. The dry material catches dirt’s, hair pieces, and dusts. The combination of action is a show of innovation and ingenuity.

Sweep & Trap:

Sweep & Trap is another similar product that comes in handy in sweeping floor surfaces and other related surfaces; it uses the same mechanism as the original Swiffer Sweeper. It has rotating blades that pick all dirt’s, particles, and any debris over the surface, a dry cloth is attached at its bottom. The cloth traps all dirt’s, hairpieces, and dusts that are over the surface then flick it to its dirt-bin. The product is lighter with well-suited handle, it’s compact and user-friendly. Its components are removable making its handling easy, and it uses no power or battery making is easier to use and maintain.

Swifter Wet Jet:

The product is an all-in-one cleaning solution, it mopped so effectively with a combined mechanism that traps, locks, and wipes all dirt’s, dust, and particles. It comes with a strong scrubbing device that grips the surface firmly removing all dirt’s; it traps all dirt’s and inhibit it to spread around the surface when in the process. Its Extra Power Pads adds firm scrubbing effects; it has a pocket for cleaning solution that is released to clean effectively in the process.

Swiffer Sweeper:

The product uses cloth attached at its base; it can be a wet or a dry cloth. It works by trapping and attracting all dirt’s, dusts, and particles over the surfaces. It uses a swift and thick material to attract and trap dirt’s, dusts, and all filth’s from any floor surface around your home. The material traps and locks dirt’s and hairpieces even on a rough surface making it ideal for cleaning, a solution sprinkled on the cloth for adequate cleaning.

Swiffer Steam-boost:

Swiffer Steam-Booster is another innovative product from the company, and it uses active steam and a mop attached to its base. The steam mop is very high and firm. Once you fill its bucket with water you are ready to go, it releases high steam that removes all dirt’s and other particles that are left behind by the mop. It penetrates every corner of the surfaces aided by the steam plug; it offers effective cleaning and moping in real time.

Swiffer Dust & Shine:

The product is another traditional cleaning solution designed by the company; it’s a spray that’s formulated to clean other surfaces like wooden, glass surfaces, and furniture surfaces. Once you spray a little bit of it over the surface you want to clean, you just need a cloth and wipe all marks, greases and dirt. Your furniture surfaces are taken care of by the product.

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